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Capture View


Capture View Contents
      1.  Crop Tool
      2.  Grayscale Conversion
      3.  Watermarking Text Tool
               Save As
               Print/Print Preview
               Always on top
Crop Tool

The crop tool can be used on any capture to create an image of a smaller area. When the crop tool is started, the main capture image in the viewing window will temporarily turn gray, and a resizable smaller window will appear showing the underlying image in color. This smaller window can be resized to whatever dimensions you like. The crop tool has two settings that can be customized. The first setting controls whether the crop tool automatically closes after performing a crop. The default is to close after the first crop. You can disable this feature allowing you to take multiple crops until you find the one that is just right.

               Set Default Window
      4.  Resize Tool
               Keep Aspect Ratio
               Resample Method
      5.  Wallpaper Tool
               Layout Options
      6.  Border Tool
      7.  Batch Process Tool
      8.  Undo
      9.  Save Image Edits
      10. Photo Browser Tool


The second setting activates dynamic viewing. This is the default and will only work if you have turned windows "show contents while dragging" setting on. Dynamic viewing constantly updates the crop window as you drag it around. If you turn this off, the crop tool will only update it's viewing window once you have finished moving the window. Note, dynamic viewing will use a lot more memory. So if memory is in short supply, it probably is best to turn this feature off.

Grayscale Tool

The gray scale tool will convert the captured image to a gray scale images.

Watermark Tool Image Editing Tools - Watermark

The watermarking text tool will add text to your image. The text can be customized, including it's opacity. The image to the right shows semi-transparent text added to the upper left corner of the image.

Font: You can choose from any number of common font types. You can adjust both size and style.

Opacity: You can vary the opacity of your watermark text from solid to transparent.

Position and Color: You can specify positions and colors for your watermark text.

Dynamic Viewing: When dynamic viewing is activated, the image in the watermarking window will constantly update as you type.

Resize Tool Resize Tool

The resize tool will allow you to resize any of your screen captures.

Keep Aspect Ratio: You can resize the image width and height independantly of each other or you can check "keep aspect ratio" and any changes to the width or height will automatically update the image proportianately.

Resample Method: There are five choices for resampling the image during resizing. You can choose from bilinear, bicubic, hight quality bilinear, high quality bicubic, or nearest neighbor. The defaul resampling method is "high quality bicubic".

Wallpaper Tool

The wallpaper tool can be used to take your favorite captures or photos and set them as your desktop background. This tool will even resize your image to perfectly fit the dimesnions of your desktop.

Layout Options: You have six layout options when setting your wallpaper. The first three methods are standard layouts that most users are already familiar with: Stretch, Center, and Tile. The second three methods are Best Fit, Best Fit with a custom background color, and Best Fit with a border. The Best Fit methods include an option setting for how the image is resized: Shrink only, or Shrink or Expand. Shrink Only will resize (shrink) all captures or images whose dimensions are greater than that of your desktop so that they are displayed correctly when used as wallpaper. "Shrink or Expand" will resize all captures and images so that they match as closely as possible your computers screen dimensions.

Border Tool

The border tool can be used to add simple borders to your captures or images. You can change the color and the thickness of the borders.

Batch Tool

The batch process tool can be used to resize and watermark entire folders full of images with the click of a button. Do you need to add a copyright watermark to large groups of images? What about a preliminary notification? Do you need to resize a large group of images for upload to a website? The batch tool can do this for you.

Batch Tool CUndo

Image edits can be un-done. If several image edits were completed, and the undo button was selected, all image edits would be erased. If you save the image edits, then they can no longer be un-done.

Save Image Edits

Unlike the main image capture, all image edits are not automatically saved. If you want to save the edits you have done, then you need to select the save image edits button.

Viewing Window

There are two options for the main viewing window. The first is a best fit image viewing. With this option the viewing image will be scaled down to fit Capture View's main window. If the image is smaller than the main window, then the viewing image will be presented at a 1:1 scale. The second option is a 1:1 scale. With this option the main viewing image will always be presented at a 1:1 scale. If the image is larger than the main window, then scroll bars will be added so that you can navigate the image.

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