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Capture View


Screenshot Contents
      1.  Slide Show Tool
      2.  Session Tab
      3.  Image Tab
      4.  Slide Show Tab
      5.  Full Screen
Slide Show Tool

Capture View comes with a basic slide show tool. There are some handy features that will come in useful. This includes full screen slide show presentations.

Image File List: The file list shows all the image files currently loaded into the slide show session. The file list can be hidden when not in use. When displayed it is shown docked to the left side of the window.

Image Attributes List: The image attributes list is shown just below the image file list and includes data about each image as it is presented. Basic data such as width, height, image path, resolution, and format are displayed here in addition to more advanced EXIF data when available.

Slide Show Tool - Screenshot Session Tab Context Menu

The session tab is a powerful way of loading images into your slide show. Once images are added to the image list you can then save this image file list as a session file. The images can be loaded from any number of different directories and the session file will record and track those images.

Once a session file is saved you can then open a session file and all those files from multiple directories are instantly loaded into your slide show. You can even add additional images to your session file as you go.

Image Tab

The image tab is another powerful feature of the slide show tool. You can load images individually, or you can multi-select images and load them all at once. You can also select just a folder and the slide show tool will automatically search that folder for all image files and load them into your file list.

You can save any image in the slide show at anytime. You can also open any of the images in your default image editing software simply by double clicking. Copy, paste, print options are all available from the image tab.

Slide Show Tab

The slide show tab controls the slide show. You have all the familiar buttons: play, pause, previous, next and stop. In addition to these basic buttons, you can also set the time delay for each slide. There is also the option to either have a black background or a white background. Black is the default background color.

Mouse Clicks: If you double click your mouse on any of the images that are displayed in the main window, they will be opened for editing using your default image editing software.

Slide Show Context Menu: A context menu can be accessed at any time by right clicking your mouse in the main window. Almost all of the slide show options available in the tabs are also available in the context menu.


Full screen and standard screen options are available. Full screen example below.

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